Transform a t-shirt into a fringe, tribal print tank






I had a big collection of t-shirts at my house and I really didn’t wear many. After seeing this idea on Pinterest (of course!) I decided to give it a go. Surprisingly, this DIY wasn’t too hard. It requires minimal sewing, and a bit of creativity. The overall process is a tad bit lengthy, it takes some time to cut and braid the fringe and sew the seam.  Here are step-by-step instructions to make this tank:


Step 1: Cut the hem off the bottom of the tee.











Step 2: Turn the shirt inside out so any markings you make won’t show on the finished product. Measure how high you want to fringe to go and mark it with a pen. Then cut one-inch strips into the fabric.


Step 3: Cut the one-inch strips in thirds. Then braid and knot to make the fringe on the bottom of the tee. This is the part that takes the most time.










Step 4: Once you’ve made the fringe you can start working in the top of the shirt. Start by cutting off the sleeves. Then mark where you want the neckline in the front and cut.


Step 5: Next we have to make the straps. First mark along the back of the shirt going from the bottom of the armhole on one side to the bottom of the armhole on the other side. Cut along that line. Then cut off the center part of the neck and any excess material on the sides. You should have two strips, one on either side that you will make into the straps.

Step 6: Cut those strips into thirds. Make the slits approximately equal with the neckline of the shirt. Then braid them to create braided straps for the tank.



Step 7: Step 7 is optional. I wanted to make a hem around the top of the tank, but you can just leave it raw if you’d like to. This hand stitching part is time consuming, but I liked the funky look of stitches. I chose to do mine in yellow thread to add a bit of color to the shirt.

Step 8: Almost done, I promise! This is the last step in the actual construction of the shirt. You just need to attach the straps to the back of the shirt. I sewed the braid closed to prevent it from coming undone while I was attaching it. Then hand stitch the straps to the shirt. If you’re not sure if the straps are the right length, pin them to the shirt and try it on. You can always cut the straps if they’re too long.

Step 9: You can stop here if you used a cute printed tee to make this tank. Since I didn’t I decided to get creative and make a tribal print to freshen up the plain grey. I looked on Google images for a stencil, which I printed and cut out. I used paper cutouts for stencils, but they were ruined after making one shirt. If you want to use the stencil multiple times you can make it out of plastic or foam. You can also buy them at a craft store if you can’t make the right design. To get the design on the shirt I used regular fabric paint (for the tiny arrows) and spray fabric paint (for the big ones). Check out the video below for a quick and easy tribal print tutorial!



Once you’ve painted on the design let it dry overnight, just to make sure you don’t smudge the design. And voila! Now you have a fun summer tank, and you got to flex your creative muscle. If you have any DIY ideas send them to me at I love getting new inspirations!