A Goodwill shopping adventure

As the doors slid open, six girls ages 9 to 13 burst into the store. Their faces lit up as they surveyed the area. They were shopping at Goodwill in Bangor, for the first time. All had been before, but had never had the chance to shop for themselves. They had each been given $5 and an assignment: find your favorite piece in the store, without going over the $5 budget.

Aimee jumps right in to the challenge, finding this pair of shorts quickly.

They took the challenge in stride, scouring the racks with enthusiasm. They piled their carts and baskets with t-shirts, tank tops, jackets, and shorts, anything that caught their eye. Cries of excitement rose up whenever someone found a name brand piece; Aéropostale, Forever 21, and Justice elicited the most enthusiasm.

From their position among the racks they held up their treasures, and the treasures they found for each other. “Look what I found!” and “This is so you!” could be heard throughout the store.

Holly scours the racks and fills her basket with name brands like Hollister and PINK.

After much searching, the girls lugged their baskets and pushed the two carts to the fitting rooms. They organized their options and dumped anything that didn’t make the initial cut, whittling down their piles to a reasonable number.

They eagerly tried on all the remaining options, rushing out of the fitting rooms to show the rest of the group their favorite finds. They struck supermodel poses, voted for their favorite picks, and “oohed” and “aahed” over each other’s new outfits. This “fashion show” continued for nearly 45 minutes, with girls popping in and out of rooms, re-trying on their top pieces, and debating which item was truly their favorite.

Jillian models a Forever 21 top.

Sarah shows off her supermodel poses, and a cute tank top.

They even shopped for me, picking out an adorable polka dot Rachel Berry style dress (those who watch Glee will understand the reference) for me to try on. When I emerged from the fitting room they lit up, insisting that I buy the dress. I would just like to add, that it was a $40 dress, tags still on, that Goodwill was selling for $4. How could I not buy it!

Despite all of the excitement the end to our adventure was drawing near. It was time for the girls to make the final cut. Which item would they be getting? Each girl left with something unique to her and her style. And they unanimously decided that after this first shopping trip they were Goodwill fans and couldn’t wait to come back and hunt for more treasures.

Check out the photos below to see the awesome pieces that we picked up!

Holly, Jillian, Page, Aimee, Sarah, Callie and I wearing our new clothes. Photo by Janice Rand.

Striking our best supermodel poses. Photo by Janice Rand.