Great deals on fashionable pieces at Marden’s

As we writers at the Bangor Daily sat down to work this fine August morning it was brought to our attention that Marden’s was having some good sales. Being the investigative reporters that we are, we only had one choice: thoroughly investigate the claim.

 Aislinn Sarnacki and I piled in John Holyoke’s car and out we went, cameras in hand, ready for a shopping adventure. What we found was pleasantly surprising—Marden’s was practically overflowing with deals. A tent sale had taken over a section of the parking lot, racks of clothes and bins of knick-knacks lined the path to the doors.

Racks are full of trendy pieces at Marden’s on August 9. (I’m loving the grey sequin top on this rack!)

The scene inside was no different. There were scores of racks and bins, stuffed full with merchandise ranging from reflective safety vests to winter boots to business wear. As we wandered the racks we spotted prom gowns, BONGO jeans, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren dresses, UGGs, and strappy stilettos, all for a fraction of the true value.

I, of course, took photos to share with all of you, but I strongly advise that you get to Brewer and check the selection out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed with the selection, or the prices.

Business wear by Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and more!

Formal and semi-formal dresses at Marden’s.

My Marden’s find: leather Bellini sandals ($5.99) and BONGO high-waisted skinny jeans ($2.50)

Shoes, shoes, shoes!