Sell your clothes to Find

Racks of clothes at Find | Photo courtesy of Find

It’s almost fall, and we’ve all been cleaning out our closets in preparation for colder weather. It’s likely that in the process of getting out our fall clothes, we’ve stumbled upon some pieces that we don’t want in our closets anymore. Instead of throwing these clothes out, consider taking them to Find. Find, a second-hand and vintage clothing store in the Portland, ME area, buys gently used clothing from customers. Laura Ker, co-owner and manager, gave me the details on Find’s clothing exchange program, and now I’m passing the information along to you.

“We’re buying clothes five days a week, Sunday through Thursday.” Laura Ker said. “Customers can just come in [on those days] anytime before 5 o’clock. ”

Ker encourages people to browse the store before coming in to sell, or check out the Facebook page, so they will be familiar with the style of clothes sold in the store.

An Express tank at Find. | Photo courtesy of Find

“We have a pretty specific aesthetic that we’re going for and a pretty specific customer base,” Ker said. She describes the stores’ style as serving a “high school to mid-30s” crowd. Ker is interested in vintage pieces, such as 90’s floral– which she said is a big seller at the moment– as well as modern, mall clothes, “J. Crew, Forever 21, that kind of thing.”

You don’t have to be a frequent customer to sell your merchandise at Find, all you need are some cute, gently used clothes and a photo ID. When you come in with your clothes Ker will look through it and pick out the pieces that will re-sell. Ker then determines how much she will sell the item for and the seller receives 30% of that selling price in cash, or 50% in store credit. While Ker appreciates customers bringing in clothes, she does advocate quality over quantity.

“The more stuff you bring in the longer it will take for us to go through it. If you pick out the stuff you think we will like it’s going to be a quicker process for everyone,” she said.

The majority of the clothes in Find are sold to the store by customers. Occasionally Ker goes out of state to look for merchandise, but she said that hasn’t happened lately.

“These days we get so much stuff from our customers that we rarely have to do outside buying at all,” she said.

Currently, Find is still buying summer clothes, especially sun dresses and shorts. In a few weeks, when the weather cools down, they will begin looking for fall clothes. Ker shared that although they usually buy for the current season there are some pieces that are in constant demand.

The Find boutique on Free Street in Portland.

“No matter what the season, we’re always looking for skinny jeans and any season we’ll take nice men’s flannel shirts, that’s always a good staple for us,” Ker said. “If you have stuff you’re going to get rid of anyways, it’s great to give to charity, but this way you’re going to get some money or store credit for it.”

Find is located at 16 Free Street in Portland and 456 Payne Road in Scarborough (right down the road from The Maine Mall.) To check out the clothes offered at Find and get more information about the clothing exchange process visit their website, or check out the Facebook page where they post pictures of their latest acquisitions.