Vintage, clothing, jewelry, good food at Picnic Portland

With all the excitement of the Folk Festival and Picnic Portland this weekend, I recruited fellow blogger, Ashley Jordan of Sweet William to give me a hand. She headed to Portland for their annual Picnic Festival, and she gave us an overview of the fabulous festival vendors. Thanks, Ashley!

Picnic Portland in Lincoln Park | Photo courtesy of Ashley Jordan

Saturday was the perfect day for a Picnic in the park, and by picnic I mean the 5th annual Picnic Music + Arts Festival held at Lincoln Park in Portland. Though there was food, Coffee By Design and Bite Into Maine food truck, this was not your average picnic. If you ever imagined all your favorite Etsy shops together in real life then you have already pictured Picnic.

Vintage clothes at Picnic. | Photo courtesy of Ashley Jordan

With over 100 vendors, from near and far, there is absolutely something for everyone. It was easy to spend about an hour visiting each booth and finding something different in each. They were filled with fine art and photography, housewares, clothing, jewelry, accessories, vintage clothing, and  even vintage bikes!
Though I did pick up a few prints and looking at home stuff was fun, the best part for me was the clothes and accessories. Here are a few of the highlights:



Kurier leather goods. | Photo courtesy of Ashley Jordan.

Kurier, handmade in Portland by Jasmine Clayton, is a line of leather goods made of recycled, but not used, leather. It is still environment friendly, but will have a longer life because the leather is new. She gets her materials from places like auto manufactures and furniture makers, which means less is going to waste. Her pieces are fashionable, as well as functional.

Beadlebot, handmade jewelry & accessories by Mainer, Monica Lopez, has funky, one-of-a-kind pieces, including super cute bobby pins! Another great vendor was c.e.golden. C.e. golden is made in Massachusetts by Caroline Golden, inspired by antique items such as buttons, buckles, and coins.

Krista Brown’s jewelry at Picnic. | Photo courtesy of Ashley Jordan.

As for jewelry, Krista Brown’s pieces were the ones I would love to add to my collection when I have some extra pennies. She is a graduate of Maine College of Art and a trained metalsmith. She makes one of a kind–or one of a few–pieces using mostly brass and silver with semi precious stones and vintage accents. The pieces are unique, but also timeless. Krista sells at Bliss Boutiques and is opening an Etsy shop soon.

When looking for clothes that are locally designed and made, it is hard to find ones that are also fashion forward. This was not the case with Molly Angie. Her pieces are well made, with great fit. She uses nice fabrics, such as linen and wool, as well as vintage fabrics. The dresses are very versatile and make a great wardrobe staple.

LUKSIN organic clothing. | Photo courtesy of Ashley Jordan.


Just a few booths down from Molly Angie was LUKSIN. Another fashion forward localcompany. Committed to being earth friendly and ethical, they use organic materials and hand-dye and print all the pieces in their collection themselves. Everything is made in Maine and in small batches. They master wearability without sacrificing the high-end quality. And their tencel scarves may be the softest things I have ever felt. And we can’t leave out the vintage! One thing that Portland is known for is the amount and quality of vintage sellers we have and Picnic was no different. The selection of vintage pieces was incredible; from jewelry, to clothes, to bicycles, Pincic had it covered.

Alley Oop Vintage shop at Picnic Portland. | Photo courtesy of Ashley Jordan.

For those of you that couldn’t make it out or for anyone who wants to pick up some more pieces, there is a full vendor list on Picnic’s website. If you missed out on anything or want to buy that piece you can’t stop thinking about, you still can!

Check out the site, for information on everything Picnic.

By: Ashley Jordan