Fashion’s Night Out NYC, a first-hand look

September 6, The start of Fashion Week. For many it passes by just like any other day, but this year I decided to throw myself head first into the ever elusive (and crazy) world of Fashion. I started with Fashion’s Night Out; an evening full of sales, music, and general chaos.

Inside the Mercedes-Benz fashion Week tent.

My first stop was Lincoln Center where the official Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week festivities occur. The area was buzzing with designers, coordinators, and models. I’ll be perfectly honest with you, standing at the center of everything in my non-designer outfit and my increasingly uncomfortable heels I felt a little (okay, a lot) out of place. The entire area felt incredibly VIP, and I was feeling incredibly ordinary.

But don’t worry, my awkwardness soon disappeared and I actually began meandering my way around the area. It was surprisingly nice, for a pop-up building that lasts for a week. Pepsi hosted an outdoor lounge with plush couches, free sodas, and lots of charging space for phones, laptops, etc. Inside, a small cafe served light food for snacks between shows. There were also computer and iPad stations, Internet connections, more plush lounge chairs and couches and numerous vendors offering

A crowd of people at an impromptu dance party on 34th St.

complimentary magazines, makeup, and hair products.

After thoroughly exhausting the possibilities at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week “tent” I headed towards the shopping. If you think New York City is usually crowded, tonight would’ve knocked your socks off. I can honestly say I have never seen lines so long and crowds so thick. Everywhere you turned you were bumping into someone or something, but that didn’t put a damper on the fun. There were DJs, photo booths, guest speakers, celebrities, and sales everywhere you went.

A crowd lined up at the photo booth in Macy’s, Herald Square.

At Macy’s a friend and I jumped in a photo booth, dressed head to toe in the crazy hats, feather boas, and wacky glasses that they provided. We ran into an impromptu dance party in Herald Square, featuring the local dance group Broadway Boogies and lots of enthusiastic bystanders.

Forever 21 and H&M were popular stores, both featuring DJs and an excellent selection of sales. Forever 21 had such a crazy vibe that the cops came to tone it down a bit!

The festivities continued throughout the night with extended hours and after parties. Take a peek at the photos together an inside look at Fashion’s Night Out NYC. Make sure you stay tuned; tomorrow I head back into the wonderful world of fashion and tackle Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week!  And I’ll be sharing all the madness–and cool photos– with all of you!