Maine sisters start online vintage shop

Maggie and Katie Oliver, founders of Portland to Portland

Maggie Oliver lives in Portland, Maine. Her sister, Katie Oliver, lives in Portland, Oregon.  Even though they are on opposite sides of the country, these Maine born sisters have found a way to keep their connection, and their love of vintage clothing, alive. They started Portland to Portland, an online vintage/thrift store that offers unique vintage pieces from the East Coast to the West Coast.

Yellow Polka Dot Top at Portland to Portland

“I knew I wanted to open my own business, but I didn’t know how to go about it,” Maggie Oliver said in an interview. “I’ve always been a fashion person. I’ve always had way too many clothes.”

When Maggie found out that Katie would be moving to Oregon the thought of opening her dream thrift store was too good to pass up.

“We decided it would be an amazing idea for us to share our vintage clothing finds with other people, since it would be from such a variety of places,” Maggie said.

The thrift store was a perfect match for these sisters. Thrift and vintage shopping was an activity that they had always done together, and Portland to Portland gave them a way to keep doing that, even from across the country.

“She’s Gone Country” Dress

What is Portland to Portland you may ask? Portland to Portland is an online thrift/vintage boutique. The sisters decided to keep the store strictly online, to make it easier to share their finds with each other and their customers. The clothes they have come from all over the East and West Coast.

“A lot of estate sales, stuff like that,” said Maggie. “We keep our eyes out wherever we go.”

Portland to Portland opened it’s site on October 1, a month after the idea came about. Maggie said she’s one of those people that likes to “jump right in” and she certainly didn’t hesitate with this project.


“The Favorite Sweater”

In order for a piece to be considered for Portland to Portland it must be over 20 years old, and be unique. They’re looking for pieces that can’t be found in your average thrift store. Maggie especially loves vintage pieces that are in fashion now as well as some standout, bolder pieces—think beading and fun patterns.

“We update our website every Friday. So we do a lot of shopping, which is fun!” said Maggie. “Every piece of clothing tells a story, you might not necessarily know the story, but you know that it has a history. Someone had it before you. It’s fun to imagine what they were like and what they liked to do.”


Black and Gold Beaded Clutch

By updating their stock so frequently the sisters are hoping to build a customer base, one that will be excited to come back each week and browse the new additions. You can check out Portland to Portland at their website or visit their Facebook page to get sneak peeks at their vintage finds. Also, for anyone living in the Portland area (either Maine or Oregon) feel free to shoot them an email if you have some awesome vintage pieces that you think would go well on Portland to Portland. They’re always on the hunt for great new pieces!