4 ways to survive winter fashionably

We’re from Maine, we love to ski. And admit it, you don’t always want to look like a puffball while you’re out on the slopes, but you still want to be warm. Keep reading to find out the best ways to stay warm on the slopes and maybe even make a fashion statement in the process.

1: Layer, Layer, Layer: Under Armour is your friend. If you make sure to wear light layers like a tee shirt, Under Armour, and a fleece jacket under your main jacket you’ll be sure to stay warm, and you won’t get bogged down with heavy layers. It also makes it easy to take a break in the lounge and warm up.

Photo: northface.com

2: Bright Colors: With all of the awesome brands of jackets out there, feel free to get creative. A fun print or bold colors will help you feel like a fashion superstar while you zip down the mountain, plus your family and friends will be able to pick you out of a crowd!

3: Update: Winter wear is expensive, but if you haven’t bought a new snowsuit in a decade, it’s time to upgrade. New technologies are making jackets and pants warmer and thinner. So every few years, peruse the sale racks or head to T.J. Maxx to find some good deals.

4: Accessorize: No, I’m not talking about jewelry and shoes. An easy way to look cute while skiing is your accessories. Stores like Target have cute earmuffs, winter hats, and scarves that you can throw on to add a fun element to your ski attire. You can try neon, animal print, or a cool pattern and mix it up throughout the year.