Hi everyone! My name is Katie Day. Currently, I’m a former intern at the BDN and a journalism student at Hofstra University. I’m a self-proclaimed shoe addict and fashion junkie, an avid Goodwill and T.J. Maxx shopper and a devoted Vogue reader. I report on everything from runway trends to do-it-yourself designs.

My love of fashion started at a young age when I would go on shopping trips with my mom, clearly fashion runs in the family. Now that I’m a broke college student I make fashion work on a budget. I’m constantly roaming through New York City, hunting for emerging styles and good bargains.

My style involves a little bit of everything. I shop anywhere from funky thrift stores to mainstream stores like H&M and Forever 21. I’m always open to trying any new fashion trends, and love getting inspiration from fellow Mainers. So let me know what trends you’ve been wearing, the DIYs you’ve tried or the great deals you’ve found!